Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stairs and Teeth and Finicking Eating.

A few things to note about Elliot lately:

Today, I was in the hall chatting with Renee before she left, not paying much attention to Elliot, but keeping my hand at his back to make sure he was safe exploring the first few stairs. Before I realized it, on his first attempt at stairs, he went clear to the top. He stopped, looked back, and grinned, all proud.

He's making efforts to learn to stand solo all the time. It's more of a squat-like stance, he'll hold it for 5-10 seconds, then flop on his behind and clap for himself. Sometimes there's a good laugh with this sequence. For some reason, he does it much more often at the lake than at home.

He has his two front teeth right at the surface, ready to pop through any moment now.

He's become a very picky eater and this mom is trying hard to not stress about it (there's good output, so something's working, right?!). He's onto cow's milk now (well, half mine, half cow's), and he'll eat tons of yogurt. Humph, that's basically all the same thing, but I'm walking the fine line daily between getting some veggies and a taste of meat in him and having meltdowns every meal... well, I should say, he likes his fruit too. He's quite particular with textures-- loving the yogurt, but the minute a bit of fruit is in a bite, he makes a face, puts his whole hand in his mouth to fish it out, and promptly drops it on the floor.

Sadly, Renee's full-time session here is done. We both predict many more interactions together as I think everyone is liking the way things are going (she's already back Sat night to babysit!), so as sad as it will be to not see her everyday, we are happy to know that we will continue our relationship on many levels. She's such a wonderful addition to our lives.

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