Tuesday, July 17, 2012

3 Years Old...

At Elliot's 3-year check up:
- 27.5# (gaining well since last time!!)
- 36" tall
- When the doc asked if he knew the shape of the end of his stethoscope, Elliot said, "circle," then after Dad said, "And what is it?" he impressed him with the correct answer, all shy-like.

It was party-time.  Saturday, after Elliot's nap, we let him open all his presents because we were going to be gone all day on Sunday, the actual birthday.  He has been so obsessed with other kids' backpacks, that that was a must.  The water balloons and water guns from Grandpa and Grandma Papczun were a big hit too.

The backpack has barely left his back...
Loving those new swim goggles!

That night, Tye and Elliot, the two July 15th boys, have their own water gun fight.  They just kinda stood there and barely shot at one another...

Of course, Elliot ended up stripping down.

Then, Sunday, we spent the day at a water park about 45 minutes outside of Chicago.  We joined the Pauley's- our neighbors whose little one has the exact same birthday (Tye).  We brought one guest, they brought over 30!!  (They have done this before and have two older daughters who invited families.)  They grabbed an awesome shelter area, organized/brought the cake (including Elliot's name!) and it was so much fun.  It was Deep River, and it had something for every age.  Who knew a 3 year old would be thoroughly and contently entertained for an entire day at a place like this!  He really was beaming joy almost the whole day, no nap and all!!  He loved the lazy river and got more brave with the other fountains as the day went on.  Too bad our camera isn't waterproof, but I risked it at the end to get some shots.  He did a really major water slide with Dad (one that I thought was pretty darn fast and way too dark!) and loved it.  Came out saying, "Mommy, I didn't cry!" while all along I was thinking as I was going down, "Oh my, poor Elliot, he had to have been so scared!"

The two birthday boys!  The lifevest was awesome- the pools with the fountains were about waist high on him but this helped a lot when he'd lose his footing or the couple of times that *ehem* Dad was on the innertube with him on the lazy river and he went under!

Elliot put his finger in the icing the minute the lid came off.  And blew out his candles early.

He did not wait for a fork- by the time I got his attention, half the piece was eaten, icing all over.

(I see cousin Grant in his face here...)
The kids could turn the floor fountains (and other random water spouts) on and off by those wheels like the red one here.
Renee seemed to have a blast too!  Ended up giving Elliot some rides on her back.

Then Tye's dad had to do the same.

The hangover the next day... this was at the 4-hour mark of his nap when I checked on him.

We didn't extend the invite to many people for the water park as it has an admission cost, is a bit of a drive, etc.  So, Monday, we did an impromptu "come for a water fight and cupcakes!" in the yard with the neighbor kids.  We all got thoroughly drenched (especially ME!), the water guns were well-used, the sprinkler from Grandma ended up being hung from the fence for better drenching-abilities, and the cupcakes and brownies went fast!  Everyone went home with a helium balloon and seemed to have a blast.

Elliot got this toy sax from Renee- the other kids are shooting water guns, etc, and he just stood there in the center of the pool, trying to belt out a tune.

I thought we were refraining from the giant-super-organized party, but it seems we just made a bunch of little celebrations!  All were great and we commented often on how easy it was to enjoy ourselves this way.  Now does this mean 4 days of celebration next year?!

Glasses that you can drink with!  

Only sad part-  Elliot kept saying, "I hope Diane will come..." even after I explained explicitly, multiple times, that they are in France for good and can't fly back for this.  Awwww.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Photos of the Last Few Months!

 The latest Dreamtree Shakers concert in the park.  Elliot was a groupie, once again!  He sat right up front and hardly budged except to dance.  Came home with a cute little tshirt too!

 Um, you'll have to ask Pat about these... I just found 'em on the camera...

 First water fight with the neighbors-- Elliot begged to go down, then got mad because he got wet (which usually he loves!).
 Last trip to NE Ohio- did a fly-by of the Harens (Pat's sister near New Philly).  The kids had a blast playing outside.
 Same trip, Pat's brother's kids.  Again, a blast playing outside together.  I love how they're lounging.
 Acrobats with dad on the deck?
 The only moment of peace at Pat's graduation ceremony.  The rest of the time was spent in the hall, playing defense or wondering if I could get away with spanking him in the bathroom effectively... we left before it was over. 
A few more to enjoy...

Almost 3!!

Photos are more fun, so those first, then the more boring update by text below...
Cousin Klara and Aunt Katie visit- a fun time for sure!  Elliot had trouble sharing and maintaining Klara's personal space, and the photo below kinda encapsulates that...

Storytime with Dad and baby Klara.

Our close friends, Claire, Martin, and Diane left to move back to France a few weeks ago.  We were heartbroken to see them off.  This was the final, heavily coerced hug.  Every once in a while, Elliot will say that he misses Diane- we certainly do too!

I am not sure when or where these were taken, but they were on Pat's phone...

Ok, now I've slipped into that expected, "Oh you're not really going to keep up with his blog once he's not an infant" mode... geesh, nothing since Easter?  And we haven't been clicking the photos nearly as often either...

Let's see what's happened lately--

- We had our first ER trip- Elliot prolapsed his rectum.  Yeah.  Yuck.  He was a complete trooper, barely winced or cried the entire 4 hours there.  Mind you, the brand spanking new Children's Hospital is brilliantly designed and very comfortable.  They x-rayed, said he was very backed up, and did an enema-- Elliot didn't even flinch.  Crazy.  Explicit instructions to change his eating habits and testing for some diseases that show this as a sign, as well as 30 days on softners/laxatives, with follow ups with a few doctors.  He is cognizant enough of things that he lets us point out the new foods on his list and even though there are still battles, he is eating more foods and much more of a variety.  We also were strictly instructed to bail on all potty training efforts, so we're back in diapers to poop.  No problem, we'll get there later.

- Elliot's vocabulary has expanded quite a bit lately.  The other day he said to me, "Actually, mommy, three timeouts," with three fingers held up, when I incorrectly told Pat that he had had two timeouts for not listening.

- We've done lots of trips to the farm to see Grandpa Ulrich over the past several months.  Out of the blue, the other night, after his other grandpa had called, he asked, "Is Grandpa back at the farm to live?"  When I said no, he went on to get a little sad, ask why, how did he hurt his head, and go through all the details again.  He likes to visit Grandpa and does very well with the other residents at the nursing home.  It's super cool when this one lady comes up, who does not talk much at all, and always takes his hand and kisses it.  She's 103 years old.  They have 100 years between them.  It's so neat to see.

- Bike riding is a favorite activity.  We figured he rode 2 1/2 miles the one time-- to the lake and almost all the way back.  We kept thinking he'd hit a wall and sure enough, not that far from home, he just stopped and said, "Mommy, carry me."

- The struggles with stubbornness are ongoing.  He pushes every button and then some.  Finds the line and puts his big toe over.  The other day at Dunkin Donuts, he kept opening and closing this glass door.  I told him not to touch it again with his hands.  He reaches down, puts his shirt around his hand, and uses the shirt-covered hand to open it again, all while looking up at me for my reaction.  Cheeky monkey.

- We caught Dreamtree Shakers again tonight.  When I mentioned to Elliot we were going, he immediately got all giddy and could hardly contain himself.  It was pretty darn cute.  Such a groupie- right up front, starring in awe.

- We dug out my *25 year old* trumpet a few days ago after Elliot loved all the instruments in the 4th of July parade.  He can buzz his lips and manages to get a pretty good sound out-- impressive!

- Oh the parade-- Elliot thought it was awesome!  He kept speaking of the festival as if it were only a bouncy thing, and low-and-behold, there was a big bouncy thing.  He was too hungry and too tired, and the minute he started losing his balance and other kids bumped him, he'd scream at them and start kicking.  We promptly left with the screaming, kicking toddler in hand.

- He's very into counting on his fingers and figuring out how much 5 fingers on one hand is with 2 fingers on the other hand- he seems fascinated that this is seven and not two.