Monday, October 4, 2010

Visitors Galore.

I was thinking, "Man, we've had ton of visitors," and it made me flip through my calendar to see just how many. Well... we have more coming this weekend for the marathon, so counting that... in the last two+ months (since beginning of August), 8 sets of visitors will have come through, and we have had only 3 weekends without Pensione Papczun being full or us going into Ohio. We are super lucky that these are all people we really like to see and have enjoyed all the visits completely!

Uncle Brad and Aunt Emily visited two weekends ago... sadly, I failed to snap any photos of them with Elliot. He played the normal role of being the stand-off-ish toddler, but by the end of the day (we really only saw them for a day or so, they were very busy and in for NU business), both of them got to hold him while walking back from the lake. He almost fell asleep in Brad's arms after a ride on his shoulders-- it was really cute. I am hoping they post some pics on their blog and I can snag them!

Then, this past weekend, my mom and dad decided to come up. I was very excited. We were trying to think back to when they were here last (I should check my own blog!) and I really think it was when Mom and Karen came up when Elliot was born! We've been down to the farm or seen them other places so much though. It always seemed like they only saw him melt down in strange, crowded places and never got to experience the fun Elliot. So I was really looking forward to them spending time with him here at home. Any trip is too quick, and although he didn't snuggle up with them, the coyness subsided enough that as long as they were willing to read him a book, he'd relax on their laps. Mom's goal next time: to spend enough time here that he puts his head on her shoulder.

Both mom and dad were on the floor, playing with Elliot and his toys. He did some classic goofing off for them, laughing out loud with his contagious giggle.

Elliot's walking has gotten exponentially better this past week. I think I can say he's run twice now, but just short distances.

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  1. Our blog post of the Chicago visit is coming up next! We'll post something in the next day or two...sorry, we've been too busy playing with the kittens in the evenings ;)