Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Non-Routine Routine.

Hugging Flat Nicholas-- a friend sent this to us and we have to send him back with some feedback from Chicago. Elliot decided he needed a hug.
He crawled behind the highchair and sat to play on his own... made me remember being little. I was always crawling behind the couch or chairs to play.

Elliot's been mixing it up for us lately... anything from no naps to napping from 4:15-6p, and of course, his eating is all over the board. Some fabulous days, some days of 4 bites of yogurt for lunch, and many in-betweens. Tantrums were becoming the norm in the evenings, but strangely, the day he didn't nap at all, he was in a jolly ol' mood (well, til 6:30p, then it was all downhill).

In our semi-desperation for him to eat, we have allowed him to become a grazer, letting him have bites here and there whenever he wants it.

So, as my cousin Ann says, "Schedule? What schedule?"

Renee took him to the Museum of Science and Industry yesterday, and she said it was a blast to have him there since he can now walk and is so much more cognizant of everything. Apparently the model train was a big hit.

Using the backpack at the zoo.

We went to the Brookfield Zoo the other weekend as Pat snagged the free pass from the library. A couple hours there was great-- it was one of those 60-degree days. I don't know if it was our excitement, or simply a large beast moving, or if Elliot truly was connecting his books to what he was seeing, but he was very animated with the giraffes and zebras. The polar bear was super cool-- he was so playful and swam past the crowd, playing, many times.

Elliot got in this mode of hugging us while on shoulders, and then would do it on command for a photo op. He's such a ham sometimes.

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