Sunday, December 5, 2010

Latest Snapshots.

The latest "non-toy-toy"-- paper towel and toilet paper tubes...yes, this is what I come home to.
Sharing a chair with the kitty.
Elliot's latest trick... pulling up the tray cover on his high chair and smashing his face until we notice and laugh. Renee and I were cracking up the other day when he did it spontaneously, until Pat filled us in that they had been working on this trick together recently.
First snow! Still working on bundling-- snow pants, coat, double socks pulled up, and he was still frozen on the edges when we got in! We let him down at the park, and he had real trouble walking in the snow. Don't know if it was the puffy clothes or the actual snow...
He enjoyed it more than this, I promise you. But, he did wear out on being bundled...

Toys got moved for the tree, and now there's a new place to perch.

A few weeks ago, I took Elliot to the Children's Museum (Thanks, Debra, for the pass!). We had fun and then a huge meltdown on the way home for lack of a nap, until he crashed.

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