Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Photos of the Last Few Months!

 The latest Dreamtree Shakers concert in the park.  Elliot was a groupie, once again!  He sat right up front and hardly budged except to dance.  Came home with a cute little tshirt too!

 Um, you'll have to ask Pat about these... I just found 'em on the camera...

 First water fight with the neighbors-- Elliot begged to go down, then got mad because he got wet (which usually he loves!).
 Last trip to NE Ohio- did a fly-by of the Harens (Pat's sister near New Philly).  The kids had a blast playing outside.
 Same trip, Pat's brother's kids.  Again, a blast playing outside together.  I love how they're lounging.
 Acrobats with dad on the deck?
 The only moment of peace at Pat's graduation ceremony.  The rest of the time was spent in the hall, playing defense or wondering if I could get away with spanking him in the bathroom effectively... we left before it was over. 
A few more to enjoy...

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