Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ah, the weekend...

Our little man.
Out for a walk with dad so I could grade, ended up napping.
My raffle winning from the benefit!
My silent auction purchase.

Our scheduling and timing seems to be working well, but by the time Friday rolled around this week, I was beat. Elliot seems to be getting into a schedule with Renee with napping and eating (funny, 9 mo and he decides to do things regularly!).

Yes, Elliot turned 9 months already this week. He is surely looking more like a little boy rather than a baby. Right on the verge of "officially" crawling-- but he definitely gets around faster than we realize some days. We call it migrating.

Saturday night I attended a benefit for Chance, my coworker's boy who has cancer. Their bills are crazy high, so some parents at school organized the event. Pat stayed home with Elliot. It was quite an event-- 150+ people, felt like a wedding reception except with tons of raffle prizes! I came home with a rocking chair and a table and chair set for Elliot. Some of my students painted them with the art teacher, so they are extra special, and I had just said to Pat that we needed to start shopping for something like this.

As I am typing this, Elliot just crawled for real. Excited, but my heart skipped, too.

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