Friday, April 23, 2010

Let the Testing Begin.

This is what I find upon returning from a quick trip across the street to the store for dinner stuff... I love my guys. Two peas in a pod already.

We have a character on our hands, but I think we already knew that. Elliot has started rocking pretty heavily in his high chair, depending on what he's eating and his mood. Originally, I was very firm with "No," or "Don't rock," or whatever, and a good ol' stern look. I thought this was working ok, as he had started catching himself midway once I would give him the look, and he'd stop himself. But sometimes, I'd move on to a firm grasp of his arm to physically stop him and this would usually lead to crying, and not really work afterall. Last night, after trying all my tactics, he decided there really was no reason to stop, 'cause nothing else happens. I don't really want to stop feeding him, as he's the type of kid that would do just fine with a hold-out until the next nursing, and the behavior originated as avoidance, so I don't want to reinforce it on that end. But what I'm doing is no longer working. The worst part-- a few times the firm NO! has been met with a giant grin and an outright laugh. Yep, at 9 months.

It really is his mischievous little grin and raised eyebrows that get me. Renee confirms this, and tells me that it's hard for her (and me!) sometimes to remain stern and not laugh with him.

We've got a few tactics to try, so we'll see if things improve. Of course, after much discussion over this issue with Pat and her (and others), Renee informs me today that spurting the food all over was the popular distraction today... sigh. Let the testing begin.

Elliot's becoming wormier and wormier, squirming to twist forward and backward, which ever way he's not. Thank goodness his crawling hasn't caught on like wildfire and we are still in the migration phase. He can stay there for a good long while, as far as I'm concerned. There's also been an interest in starting to pull up on furniture.

Renee has a great schedule with him for the mornings. We're so lucky to have her-- what a blessing to be able to go back to my job and have this aspect go so smoothly. Her communication is so reassuring and Elliot hardly seems to have noticed the transition. I truly don't think we could ask for a better situation there.

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  1. Ah, I think the giggling at "NO!" starts at nine months and lasts until at least fourteen years. :) Adorable pics. :) Are you guys going to NCTE next year? I'm trying to convince Patrick that he should come with James, but I'll have more luck with that, I think, if Pat and Elliot are going to be there too. Also, it will be more fun.