Monday, September 6, 2010

Current Happenings.

Tuesday was Pat's last day at work. He has been in classes for graduate school for education now for 2 weeks and loves it. His classes are all at night, so he's home during the day now with Elliot.

I started work last week, and the first day of school with kids is tomorrow-- I don't expect to sleep much tonight!

These past two weeks have been very busy, since Pat kept working when he first started classes. Many nights he was up until 1-2a doing school work, while last week I was hammered trying to get my classroom in order, running all around for things I needed.

Let's see if this week puts us in a more normal groove.


  1. How was first day back with students? I'm sure all went well.

    Congrats to Pat for following his dream - and more dad time with Elliot too!

  2. You're so sweet-- first day was stressful but it's good to be there. Better knowing Pat's the one at home. :) We need to catch up!