Monday, September 6, 2010

First Hike in the Woods!

We drove out to Palos Hills this Labor Day for a hike with Elliot. Wonderful family day.

Getting sleepy; he fell asleep in the backpack, but bobbed all over, so we pulled him out to carry him, and he never went back down! No-nap-day, but he was really good.

Playing with daddy's hat at lunchtime.

A beetle crawled on Pat, and it turned into an investigation/lesson on not touching nature. The beetle was fast enough to avoid Elliot's curiosity anyway.

We happened upon a new Nature Center in Palos Hills-- really great. Taxidermy of foxes, deer, etc, and live exhibits of fish, turtles, snakes, beetles, etc. Elliot loved it.Pat and Elliot watching the turtles swim.

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