Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard, 2011!

We had to get out in the snow once it was navigable, if you could call it that. We bundled Elliot and headed out for a short jaunt. Amazing.

This was around 2am-- it had been blowing for several hours by then, so nothing was staying on the cars, but it was really coming down. I don't think it stopped snowing and blowing for 8 hours or so?
Keep in mind, we have a deck above us!

Windows getting snowed over.

Pedestrians were forced to use the street as their sidewalk. Really surreal, since the city is always so busy, to see so few out and no traffic.

Our car is in the middle, not as bad as those across the street, but still bad.

So, look at the top/across the street-- those white mounds are cars.

Pat's handy work! He surely sweated... said he hadn't shoveled in over a decade, and I replied that he did a decade worth of shoveling!

Got Elliot out in the backpack once it wasn't blowing anymore-- had to stop to admire Pat's work!

We are lucky that we are on a somewhat major road that got plowed. The side streets-- they were full of 2+ft of snow, no plowing.

Someone was nice enough to do the sidewalks.

Spontaneous snowball fight in the middle of a street intersection.

These are those side streets. Really. At one spot, it was apparent that someone had tried to leave, got stuck with their car caddy-corner, and left it there. Some people were shoveling themselves out, but I'm not sure where they thought they'd be able to go.

More side streets.

I have no idea when these people expect to be able to get their cars out... spring?

Look-- they're as tall as the street sign!

Amazingly deep. Pretty cool to experience this, but super grateful for those people who were out first and trailblazed!

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