Thursday, March 3, 2011

Only Red Octagon Will Do.

Almost always pulls his socks off before sleeping.

Elliot has really taken to that shapes puzzle I think I have mentioned before. Now, on walks, every stop sign is pointed out and the only acceptable response to the urging is "red octagon," not stop sign, or road sign, or any other appropriate descriptions. I stopped counting at 12 signs on our walk to the lake this afternoon.

Words are slowly coming. There's a version of hot, hat, bus, bath, socks is pretty well taken care of, and there's a kind of shesh for yes. When I feed the cats, I call the one with "Bebe... Bebe..." Elliot now echoes me with his version, "Bay-ba... Bay-ba." Quite cute. Every day it seems we find ourselves saying, "Did he just say _______?"

Another cute little thing last night... we're planning to visit my parents soon so we've been talking a lot about Grandma and Grandpa, hoping the familiarity with the titles helps him to warm up to them faster as he gets older. Just before bed yesterday, he went into his room and got out a bag we usually use when we travel. I said, "Do you want to pack for Grandma and Grandpa's?" He got all excited, and proceeded to take all of his pjs out of his basket, stuffing them into the bag. I prompted him further, and we packed some diapers, books, his nose-sucker-thingy, and then he deposited the bag by the front door. I guess we're ready to go!

Then again tonight, when I was getting more bags out to pack-- I turned around and Elliot was stuffing dirty laundry into another bag. Few things we still need to work on, obviously.

A new favorite activity is to sprint all out to the window when we hear a siren coming. Sometimes we make it in time to see, sometimes we don't. There's a firehouse a few blocks away, so a lot of the vehicles come down Woodlawn. (I have a photo of Elliot, nude, on his toes watching for a firetruck to go by from tonight when we were getting dressed after his bath. We had to drop everything and run to the window. I want to post it, but it feels strange putting any nude photos out there in cyberspace of my baby.)

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