Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cleveland Marathon, Kind Of.

Pat had been planning to run the Cleveland Marathon for a while now... On Thursday, he realized that he had never registered, after we had planned a 3-day weekend to go in! Regardless, we had a going-away party for Jessica, a friend moving to Montana for grad school, and to see family who we had not seen since Christmas. Pat found an injured friend and took his bib number for the half marathon, and ended up running his best time ever! Of course. And after having not run for 2 weeks...

We ran into some of Pat's neighbors from growing up who we keep up with on facebook (the Pavelich's). They had this little car in the garage for their grandchildren that was quite the hit. Then, the next day, we were saying bye to everyone, Elliot crawls in the front seat of our car, locks the door, and pretends to drive, while pushing every button and pulling every lever. Thank goodness the keys were in our pockets.

After getting in at midnight Friday and Elliot not sleeping AT ALL in the car (sigh, is that all over?!), Saturday morning Grandpa Papczun and I took Elliot to the park to play. He had a grand time, down every slide multiple times, and held Grandpa's hand for the walk home.

Then, we were on to Jessica's party (no camera, grrr), sans nap, and he had a blast on overload. Next was dinner with Uncle Bill, Aunt Jen, and Kyle, Timmy, and Kate until 10:30pm. The overstimulation was the perfect solution to no sleep and he went non-stop. He loves those kids, almost jumping out of my arms when they arrived!

Sunday was catching Avery with Dave and Jen for a quicky playtime at the house. We miss them in Chicago! Right as we had to part ways, the kids were warming up to each other. I had to dig out this old photo from when they were 5 months old to compare a similar shot that we all remembered. Crazy!

Then, lunch with Aunt Maryann (again no camera, grrr) before hitting the road. Busy but awesome weekend. Little melt-down-ish today at the restaurant, but what else can be expected for go-go-go?

Grandpa had spent 3 hours in the attic digging out all the toys that Pat played with as a kid. They were such the hit!! It was crazy how well the kids played with them. We were all amazed at how well they held up, metal and all, and how sharp those corners were!! Funny. Anyone else remember the car garage with the elevator for the cars?

Lots to update on new words, quirks, etc... but these have been massive updates so that will have to come later.

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