Sunday, May 15, 2011

San Antonio and Little Cousin Klara!

Pat sister, Katie, and brother-in-law, Brian, had their first baby! Klara Rose George. We got to see her at 1 month old in San Antonio. It was a great trip-- we had been shopping for flights here and there and when a decent price popped up, we grabbed it. We completely didn't realize how nice of a get-away it would be with the weather-- high 70s/low 80s, sunny, breezy... It was lovely catching up with them, too. Brian had spent 7+ months deployed to Afghanistan (he's Air Force, civil engineering) so we hadn't seen him in forever.

Elliot at first swiped at Klara like he treats our cats (and scratched her poor little head), but after reprimanding and him realizing that everyone else treats this being with much care, he softened and became pretty affectionate with her. We had to limit him to touching her toes, though. With one finger. For a few days after we returned to Chicago, he'd wander around the house, saying, "bay-bah" for baby, looking for little Klara.

Our trip overlapped with Pat's other sister, Heidi, who came in from Wyoming. We caught her for one evening and then we had to leave the next morning.

At the Alamo.

I thoroughly enjoyed the infant snuggling. Pat had lots of naps with Klara, too, on the hammock on the back porch.

The ladies. And Elliot.

This is Elliot learning to smile for the camera. We were cracking up at this one.

Elliot loves to put things around his neck and to put on other people's shoes. Uncle Brian got him into the big boots, but they were way too heavy for Elliot to walk in. He still thought it was great.

New dad!

The flights were very exciting. The first was at bedtime, and Elliot did not sleep (bedtime was 11pm that night). He loves airplanes in the sky, so we had been explaining to him that he was going to ride in one. Watching them taxi was great entertainment. Then, the tray tables were up and down probably 30x... the next stint of entertainment. The flight back was right at nap time... and you guessed it, no nap!

Just a random shot from a while ago of Elliot enjoying his sidewalk chalk. He wouldn't give up the helmet this day-- we took an entire walk in the stroller wearing it... Just in case or something?

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