Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Few Letters.

Elliot has been identifying a few letters here and there in some of his books. Sometimes, he'll be able to pick out specific letters in words he sees when I ask or assign a letter to a corresponding word. For example, when he would see N, he'd say, "Nah nah" for Renee, or D, he'd say, "Dog," or "Dada."

I figure it's like the colors and shapes-- just another label to another item in another category, right? Maybe a little more complicated, since he does see so many words in his books that are created from these letters. You'd think I'd know more as a reading teacher, but alas, I was never trained in reading development-- just early adolescence and on.

I thought this was pretty cool, though. You have to listen pretty close to catch some of them.

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