Saturday, June 18, 2011

Terrible Twos...

We've had a few rough days (or, should I say, Renee has had a few rough days!) with Elliot. Well, really, most of the week! Lots of yelling/screaming NO!, temper tantrums, hitting... partner that with a bit of diarrhea. Poor kid-- he actually said the other day (well, his version of), "Belly, hurt." So, he's got some sort of little bug. But, he's not lethargic, eats fine, sleeps fine, just seems bratty. Two-year molars? Or just a brat. Ha!

There's standing water in the one drinking fountain in a favorite park and I think he got some kind of contamination from playing in that. Needless to say, no more! However, it does not excuse the fits and tantrums.

So, to combat that, here's some cute photos!

Other updates: Elliot and dad caught a baby turtle at the pond on campus. It was so tiny- probably about 3-4" in diameter. Elliot held it-- just his size! Lots of photos but sadly, they are on the cheapo phone and we cannot access them anywhere else.

Also, we took Renee home the other day and Andy, her husband, brought his police truck over for Elliot to sit in. Boy, did that make his day! He got to sit in the driver's seat, push all kinds of buttons, and see the lights flash. He was in awe. Of course, it was spontaneous, so we did not have a camera handy.

The baby ducks at the pond on campus are almost all grown up. However, on our walk home from the lake down 51st Street, we found some new duckling families to follow! These ducklings were so cute and we couldn't get a count on them because they kept diving under. I think there's 13. Elliot was so excited.

Random stop to play with a large stick on our walk. It took forever to get home.
What a pensive look- have they discovered land?
Ready to get down!
Pat put the camera next to the ice-pack for Elliot's milk, so we got "soft-touch" photos without trying! My main reason for taking this one-- Pat tells Elliot to hold onto his ears if E's on Pat's shoulders. I think it looks like he's riding an elephant.
Getting ready for our walk to the lake.

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  1. Sorry about the Terrible Two's... but I love the photos! Haven't been on here in a while. Super fun to see all of Elliot's adventures!