Monday, July 18, 2011

2 Years Old!

Our little guy turned TWO last Friday.  We're amazed at how fast time is going, and yet, I cannot remember not having him around.  His 2 year checkup let us know that he has FINALLY passed that ever-so-daunting number of 20 pounds... he weighed in at 22lb, 11 oz.  Certainly on the very low end, but that's nothing new.  A little higher for height.  No concerns, healthy and doing well!

We had family visiting, so we opted to go minimal with the party-- cake/cupcakes, some balloons tossed around, and a few party hats.  Somehow, he still got super spoiled!  It was great being so intimate, however, because he truly seemed to know it was a celebration for him.  He really enjoyed himself.

The party hats tended to multiply, as you will see below... it became a game of sorts as to how many dad could get on Elliot's head

The "normal" crew...

The crazy crew!

He never tasted the cake... so we offered him some animal crackers and he was in heaven.

Up to three hats...
Getting into it himself-- he was trying to put more hats on his head.
Anna took the prize for the most creative use of the hats when she became a dragon/dinosaur (I think Uncle Pat had something to do with this...).

What a fabulous 2nd birthday!!

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