Monday, July 4, 2011

Recent Happenings.

Entertaining himself with the buckle in the stroller- a big obsession lately- buckles of any sort.

We got the bright idea of going up for the Gay Pride Parade in Lakeview this year-- in our 3+ years of living there, I had never experienced it.  Also, we thought Claire should see it too.  We lined up a friend's parking spot, planning ahead for the car/crowd, etc, only to realize that we couldn't get to his building because of where the streets were closed off (earlier than the website said!).  Pat eventually found a spot, but the crowd grew so fast that unless you parked yourself street-side hours before, there was very little to see.  However, a very nice gentleman saw the two kids and let us up to the front row in their section.  Elliot was in awe-- taking it all in, while Diane did not like the spectacle!

You can spot the two kids on the shoulders with hats on.

 We went to the farm for the 4th of July and planned some swimtime.  The week before, I got out the swim stuff to get him excited.

 This is the "reading corner" I made to keep him busy when I was folding laundry one day.  He loved it and "read" the book over and over to himself.  I videoed it, just to prove to myself later that yes, he can sit still for 30+seconds...

 His bad habit (with that sneaky look in his eyes) of eating the flavored toothpaste.
He loaded his bath characters on the bath barge...

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