Monday, September 26, 2011

The Ebb and Flow.

Well, I think we're officially off our 2-week-streak of being an angel.  The brattiness has returned and so have the timeouts.  C'est la vie of being two, eh!?  Overall, though, he's been fine.  We really enjoy this stage of development-- they seem to develop so much right in front of your eyes.  Good stuff.

 Testing out the Halloween costume-- MONKEY!  Very apropos, eh?  (There's a hood that goes up...)

 Dad and Elliot made a day of it the other day and biked down to Buckingham Fountain (upon Elliot's request).  It was chilly but they were fine.

 I really think these two monkeys have too much fun!  Poor Elliot, once Dad goes back to work...

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