Sunday, September 11, 2011

Firehouse, Here We Come!

Another night of food progress... it's kinda funny how I am now realizing how easy it was to just feed Elliot cereal every night and not worry about preparing a proper meal or always eating at the same time if he wasn't eating the same food.  We are going to make a conscious effort to force the food more, and force a "family dinner time" when we are altogether for an evening meal on the weekends (Pat has class all week).  Tonight, Elliot ate all his fish AND peas (albeit a very small serving!), and pretty readily at that.  Dinner was done in 30 minutes or so, no real battles, just a few countdowns or "family bites altogther!"  Off we went to the firehouse before bathtime with Elliot beaming, chanting, "Fish AND peas!  Mommy, Daddy, so proud!"!  We're gonna have to get creative with our rewards after the novelty starts wearing off.

 Hard to get good photos in this lighting and with such reflective engines...

The firefighters are so patient and welcoming.

 Chillin' with my iShuffle.
 This reading session with Dad turned into a whole process of seek-and-find... I'll try to get some video up here soon of the process.  We were cracking up.
We have had a wonderful week/2 weeks with Elliot.  He's been pleasant, responsive, and just happy to putz around a bit.  I don't know if this is a phase (and we'll be back to terrible twos soon?) or if the reprimands and such are working.  It seems to be corresponding to the transition to his big boy bed and more foods, so maybe he's feeling empowered or liking the positive reinforcement matched with the punitive measures...??  I do think the increased communication plays a big role.  He might just be growing up a bit.  Sniff, sniff.

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