Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Latest from Elliot...

Everyone says write these things down...

- While trying to dress him, "Mom, keep your hands to yourself."
- Calling us "babe" after starting at a new babysitter who apparently uses that term with him.
- Running naked through the apt, declaring "I dressed all by myself!"
- Watching Dumbo for the first time, bursting into sympathetic tears when the mommy elephant is being restrained for spanking/reacting to the circus visitors when little Dumbo is made fun of... "What they doing to her!?"
- Pretending to sleep in the carseat, with flittery, tightly closed eyes and exaggerated breathing.
- When he is in trouble or doesn't know the answer, he sharply responds with "I can't say it."
- "I'm just saying funny stuff" when he gets goofy.
- He bargains and bargains... one animal cracker for peeing becomes, "TWO animal crackers, no THREE!" while holding up his fingers for that number.  Hilarious when the timeouts come, and it goes from me saying, "Do you want a timeout?!" to him responding, "TWO timeouts.  No, THREE!"  Sure, you gottit.  And the minutes left in the tub have gone from "One more minute!" to "Six more minutes, fifteen more minutes!"  Nice try.

And, we are completely immersed in the WHY phase... Why is it raining?  Why is it not raining?  Why is it foggy?  Why is it breakable?  Why is it glass?  Why is daddy sleeping?

I am sure I have forgotten some good ones.

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