Monday, March 19, 2012


Elliot saw this on the screen, immediately starts pointing and naming the letters... "G-- O-- O-- O-- eight-- I-- E!"  We were laughing under our breath, and thought the moments of contemplation before the mistaken g/8 was interesting!

He's starting spelling his name, too, sometimes correctly and sometimes incorrectly.  I think Kathy, the sitter, has a letter toy that reads it back to you and she has each of the kids work on their names.  He seems to be in one of those "language explosions" that people talk of.  He's pointing out letters everywhere.  It's super neat.

 He thoroughly enjoyed the stickers Grandma sent for Valentine's Day! 

 First picnic of the season!  He was all gung-ho to get out the cooler and pack it with his food.  Had to carry it himself, down the stairs, and held it the whole way to the lake.

 Ran into some friends- Sara and Lucas (who is 5 months younger) who joined us. 
 Throwing rocks in the lake, sans pants.
 Got all the way naked at one point.
Elliot trying on Lucas' backpack, skivies only.  Hilarious.  And, the famous middle-finger point as well.

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