Sunday, December 20, 2009

Date Night.

Saturday night was babysitter success again. We left Elliot with Dave and Jen while we went out for our 10th anniversary at a restaurant in Lincoln Square near their apartment. We thoroughly enjoyed a long dinner and it was lovely. Elliot did well, as he should when he's in good hands like that! Avery and Elliot had not spent time together in quite a while, so it was great to see her and to catch up with Dave and Jen, too.

Before we left our place, we put Elliot in the Jumperoo to wear him out well. He went to town, not wanting to stop when I took him out 45 minutes later. He normally does some jumping when I have him in it during the day, but I'm usually doing other things and I'm not watching him. Well, with Pat as an audience, he just hammed it up and went nuts. I captured a few moments on video. I worry his head is going to roll off once he gets tired, because he keeps jumping but gets more floppy. I guess this explains how he falls asleep so often in the Jumperoo-- he completely wears himself out.

After we returned from dinner, Dave told us how he put Elliot in their Jumperoo. "Man, he was going to hit the ceiling!" Again, he went crazy jumping, and Dave captured it on video for us as well. He certainly has his father's energy level. (And he was too busy to eat well... humph...) Yep, he crashed hard that night.

Jen also got some great shots of the kids together, finally. Usually, one is sleeping while the other is up, or one is fussy, and until now, we couldn't set them up next to each other. As you can see, Avery wasn't so sure of this guy sitting next to her who was leaning in a little too close for comfort.

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