Saturday, April 2, 2011

Latest Happenings.

Playing hide and seek in the bathroom.

Elliot is so extremely vain. He LOVES to watch videos of himself or to see his own picture. One day, he became mesmerized by the blog videos. I got tired of sitting there, pushing play every 30 seconds, so I showed him how and he just kept pushing play about 10 times in a row, at least.

Normal day at the office.
How we get him bundled when he turns stubborn and does not want to put on his coat.

Shaving with dad again. Until he started licking it off.

My blogs have gotten farther and farther apart because of being so busy and we just aren't taking as many photos of Elliot as we used to.

Few little things to update:

Elliot had started putting his fingers in his ears after we visited Claire and Martin. Apparently, Diane had been doing this, but we never saw it. We did, however, talk about it, and the next day, Elliot pulled this trick, then he did it a few more times as well. So, did he hear us talking about it and decided to give it a shot or is this some standard developmental thingy for toddlers?!

We are really itching for spring here. It seems we push taking him to the park in a sweatshirt, no mittens, even if it is a bit chilly, just because it's not as cold as it was and we're certainly over the whole "Let's bundle in three layers to go outside" phase. Today, we opened the back door, wiped off the furniture, and enjoyed the deck a little.

Trying crepes on the deck. Two bites. Done.

This week has been a touch rough and we really think it's teeth. Elliot's been short tempered and a bit bratty. He'll meltdown over the smallest thing (spilled crumbs) or throw himself down and try to bite the floor. We gave him a broken lid to a sippy cup, and he walks around, just gnawing on the rubber with the side of his mouth, as if it's gum or something. It's also been one of those weeks where I have found myself saying more than once, "Man, he just grew, doesn't he seem taller all the sudden?"

We're trying to break the thumb habit with verbal prompting which has left us saying, "No thumb!" about every other sentence. He sometimes will stop and point to his teeth, since I have explained that his teeth will become crooked. What can you do, though, during sleeptime? We'll have to investigate some other interventions. It's extra hard when he's tired and gets ahold of his blanket.

Elliot has more words, like car, go, and he's attempting octagon, which ends up sounding like, "auktung." He's much more willing to try the sounds right away and mimic now.

He's playing with his toys less and less. I don't know if this is boredom (do we need to put them away and bring them out again later, as "new?") or what. He tends now to grab onto something around the house and just putz around with it-- my little iPod shuffle is popular, so are our belts, other cords, a basket of random things like bandaids, candy, etc. If he sees the white cords for the earphones when Pat comes back from a run or something, he insists on listening.

Pat was ready to get him a scooter or a push bike, after he enjoyed a little 3-year-old girl's at the park the other day. We may be at this stage this summer, which is so fun to think about. Crazy to think that last summer, he didn't walk until 14 mo (Sept), so we were all over the deck, outside, etc, with just crawling. This summer will be much different.

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