Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scooter Box: 3 Years and Older? Nah.

Renee, Pat, and Elliot on our bitter cold walk to brunch before they left.

Some pictures of Aunt Maryann and Renee at brunch.

Elliot and I have been building forts inside because of the rain. He loves it and will giggle out loud as he dives under the sheet. First thing this morning, he came running to me with the sheet in his arms, begging for it. Great fun. It's me, the teddy bear, Elliot, some sort of breakfast and a book= best time in the world.

The scooter we ordered Elliot arrived on Monday, but he was such a mess that day, we couldn't give it to him and risk giving him a reward for his meltdown-iness. So this morning, he was great, so we decided to go for it. I have to say, this is the first time I have felt what most parents feel on Christmas. I've thought we were spoiling him with this, and never understood the whole buy-your-kids-things. However, after seeing his pure joy upon seeing the scooter and immediately realizing it was for him, I now understand what Christmas will be all about from now on. Amazing the glow he got and how excited we were to see him enjoy it so much. I hope this isn't a bad thing.

He thoroughly wore himself out on it after we laid some ground rules (shoes are a must, all toys need to be picked up and out of the way, no food in your mouth, no other things in hand or around neck, specifically earbuds ...). He played through eating, and only later did he realize he was starving and inhaled a bunch of Cheerios just long enough that he could then get back to scootering.

He quickly became pretty competent at it, gaining some decent speed for inside (and for a 21 month old!). At one point, I caught him going down the hall and, after he pushed off, he'd softly drag his pushing foot, as if to guide himself. It's kind of crazy how intuitively he seems to have taken to it.

Definitely a hit. I'll get a video up here of him on it.

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