Sunday, April 17, 2011

Time for the Raincoat!

Grandma sent back a darling raincoat last time we visited. This week, we had a lot of rain, and it got some good use. Elliot will now ask to go out just so he can put on the little coat. And, like a true little kid, he has to splash through each puddle along the way.

Aunt Maryann and Renee, her mission friend, came to visit this weekend. Aunt Maryann, in her grandma role, spoiled Elliot with candy, toys, an Easter book... It's a quick trip but great to see them. They head back to Romania for more mission work in June, so we'll have to do our best to get into Ohio for a weekend before they go.

Elliot got lots and lots of fanfare for his little accomplishments from them, too, like trying to blow his nose (new development). They also witnessed another new development-- I ran his bath, and typically, he'll lean over the edge and play in the water until I get him undressed. I know he can climb in, but he never has tried without me there. Well, last night, he went into the bathroom, and we just let him go in. Maryann says, "I'll go after him..." only to see him doing a swan dive into the tub, fully clothed! Pat said by the time he got in there, he was sitting up, like it was normal, but the tears quickly came when we kinda freaked. Another one of those moments of mentally noting to never let him in there by himself from now on. It's crazy these moments of, "But he's never done that before..."

We broke down and ordered him a scooter yesterday (three-wheel). Twice now at the park he has thoroughly enjoyed other kids' scooters. The latest was about a week ago. The boy and his mother were super generous, saying, "Well, he knows if he brings his things to the park that he has to share them." Um, Elliot had his scooter the whole time we were there. Then, he cried when he had to give it back. It was embarrassing. But, it was very impressive how quickly he became competent at it. He balances well, takes his time, and is able to push off with one foot repeatedly and go for about 20 feet before he has to step off. He just loved it. He really has a knack for it. We were going to wait until his birthday, but that's a few months from now when he could be using it all summer. It will be great in our backyard, too, on the sidewalk and there's a large concrete area. It seemed, though, that daddy wanted to get it for him maybe more than Elliot would want it. :)

This kid might be on a bike by next summer. Eep.

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