Monday, August 22, 2011

The Harens Visit!

Pat's sister came to Chicago for a long weekend with her family about 2 weeks ago or so.  It was a great time-- we hit the museum, the beach, and settled for the playground the last day, as we realized anything beyond that would just take everything we had and leave us all too exhausted for the efforts.  It was Kristie and Jason, and they have Alex (4 1/2), Ben and Jake (2 1/2), and little #4 on the way!!    

Trucking through the city with the crew... not bad, eh!?

Adding Elliot to their mix for a photo.

Taking the munchkins out deep-- Pat has two clinging to him.

Just love this one.  Kinda captures it all.

I kept the kids for just a short while one evening before bedtime... I attempted to make cupcakes with them.  Elliot ended up the dictator, who would not give up his stool and would hand out the cupcake cups one at a time to each of the others.  He was a bit controlling with the crowd of threatening peers visiting but they took it in stride!

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