Tuesday, August 30, 2011

He Ate Peas. And Climbed Out of the Crib.

Finally got the little t-ball set out in the yard.  He seemed to dig it.  He tries on the deck too, and I have to remind him it does not belong in the house...

Potty training was a bust.  Bleh.  Five days in, and we had only one really good day, and that was more by chance (he ended up holding it all day until the diaper at nap-time, and surprised everyone, including himself, when he peed just before bed one night...)  We called it quits when he stopped sitting on the toilet, had 3 accidents in two hours, and never once, in the five days, made a step toward the toilet when he started to go in his pants.  We'll try again later.

The big accomplishment is that he ate a serving, although small, of peas!  Last night he ate 3, said he liked them, and I offered a trip to go see the fire engines  if he ate the little bowlful.  No go.  Then, today, Pat put more on his plate at lunch with the same promise.  At 3:30pm, as we lay down finally for a nap, he sits up and says, "Eat peas."  "Now?!"  "Yes, now," he responds, and starts to get up.  Uh, nope, "I'm bringing the peas to you.  If you eat them, great.  If not, it's to bed."  "Watch Thomas?" (his dvd)... and yes, I promise 10 minutes of Thomas if he eats them.  Darn kid, he eats them right away and we sit up to watch the stupid video.

Yesterday was a no-nap day, and with me having a migraine and needing time to work, I was a bit disgruntled but enjoyed my afternoon with him.  (I gave him 90 min, and when he was still yapping away, I went in, met with "Park!?"  Sigh...)  Today, I put him down finally, fearing that he had gained a second wind, and after an hour of yapping again, I hear a loud scream.  I knew what had happened...

Last night, when I went to read to him before bed, I stepped out to get his animal or something.  When I reappeared, he was inside the crib-- he had climbed in!  We talked about how dangerous this was, etc, and Pat and I started talking about what's next and how eeep, any minute he could try to climb out as well.  That was today, boom.  He tries to crawl out and lands on his face on the floor.  I flew in to find him sitting up, both hands cupped to his mouth, him bawling.  Thank goodness there wasn't even a bloody lip!  Nothing a little snuggling didn't remedy immediately.  Amazing.

My heart skipped plenty of beats.  Right away, I went back to get the mattress from our trundle bed for his floor.  This production of dragging it down the hall, the hooplah, etc, all of course led to no nap after all.  The set up now is not sustainable-- in his room is now his large crib, the double bed for guests, and now a twin mattress on the floor.  We decided that we could just make it to Ikea tonight to buy a bed rail (we're not too hip on the toddler beds) and miss traffic if we left around 7p, and put him in his pjs there, letting him fall asleep for the 9pm ride home... not a bad plan, eh?

Well... he fell asleep on the way there instead, woke back up, LOVED exploring Ikea ("More things?!"), and was super wired about the popsicle trays we bought, refusing to let go of it and cackling all the way home.  Back home by 9:30p... and by 10:30p, he was asking for dinner #2 in bed, not falling asleep on that twin mattress... the whole night backfired.  Not to mention that we came home with no bedrails... Plan B?  

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