Monday, February 1, 2010

Check Up!

Elliot had a check up today- more shots, but he did quite well, ending it all with a big smile. He usually falls right asleep, but waited until he got home and had eaten to do that this time.

He's 26" long, and 15lb, 2oz. Dr. says, "Well, somebody's gotta bring up the bottom of the chart..." But besides the tendency to stay on the runt end of the chart, he's healthy and doing fine.

I need to vent: Pat took the car today and accidentally took the stroller. I thought, no biggie, I'll take Elliot in the carrier, which is a little more effort, but not that bad. And I hopped on the bus and was there in no time. Once there, however, the juggling act of managing my winter gear (hat, coat, gloves), his winter gear (hat, fleece over-onesie-thingy), a blanket, the baby bag, and the carrier itself when I had to shed it to get my coat off made me close to cursing. But there were plenty of chairs to dump on. The further complications came with trying to redress him and me-- I failed to use the medical table as I thought he would need to nurse (and they were so backed up, I tried to scat fast) and so arms full, I moved to a discreet corner in the waiting area. There was no luck with nursing, and then I realized just how hard it is to zip a coat, put on a carrier, and bundle a little one, all while trying to hold the little one on your lap. Finally, I gave up, propped him up on a chair, crossed my fingers, and zipped my coat and put on the Snuggli as fast as possible. And this was after I attempted to do these tasks with him pinched between my knees while I sat, which didn't work.

I could not even entertain the idea of trying to ease my growing hunger or urge to use the bathroom. Then the bus was rerouted for the way home because of construction on that side, so we never found a stop along the usual route, and we ended up hoofing it home.

Needless to say, I will not make the mistake of forgetting to get the stroller out of the car again. At least in the winter.

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