Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Plans.

Our weekend plans were to drive to Ohio to spend a girls' night with Jessica (and ladies), one of my close friends from Kent. Pat was in Denver to snowboard, so I thought making the drive (with Candace from here, and Elliot in tow) would be a good way to kill two days and I figured these types of trips will be virtually non-existent once I start work, so I needed to get my girlfriend time in while I can!

Good Old Man Winter put his foot down, however. I don't know how bad the snow ended up being, but a winter weather advisory was on for Friday night for Wooster and more snow on Saturday and Sunday. Well, with the trip being so short anyway (we were arriving Sat evening, only to leave Sunday midday), we figured any delay would make it undoable (plus with an infant...), and we just could not afford to get stranded. So we bailed, much to our chagrin.

Candace and I did brunch and Dave and Jen invited me over for lunch, which filled my weekend. Elliot and Avery are more interactive, and Avery would prove to her father that she was definitely entertained by him in order to combat any attention he was giving to Elliot. Her laugh was contagious!

Pat took the camera to Denver, so I have no recent shots to share from the solo weekend. We did a-ok on our own, but we won't tell daddy.

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