Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This Poor Little Piggy.

Elliot's big toe is nice and red... and infected, due to the corner of his toenails growing in it seems. Lovely, eh? He's taking it well, but definitely telling me when it hurts. We consulted both the pediatrician and Dr. Grandpa Ulrich. Dr. Grandpa went through various ideas of how to get it soaked for 30 minutes in epson salts. Turns out Elliot is quite similar to his clientele of horses and such, as neither want to sit/stand still for more than a few minutes.

We had a nice shopping trip today with Claire and Diane. Although the bargains weren't there like I'm used to, BOTH babies slept while we had a quick lunch. And then they both awoke and let us know we needed to leave. Perfect timing.

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