Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grandpa and Nancy visit.

Pat's dad and Nancy visited this weekend. A quick visit, but fun nonetheless. We ended up laying low, catching some of their friends for a late lunch yesterday, and spending the rest of the time relaxing and enjoying some downtime. Got a little card playing in last night. Very nice time.

As Grandpa was talking, Elliot would just look up at him and stare like this. It was darling.

Elliot managed to whine/protest for about two days straight, on Friday and Saturday. By the time they arrived Friday evening, I was worn out which meant we ordered in dinner! I found myself tugging at my hair unconsciously. He cried some, but it was more a constant complaint that just began to eat at my nerves, as it seemed he wanted nothing of playing, rocking, napping, swinging, jumperooing, being strapped to me in the moby... you name it, I tried it. Twice. (And the only two tasks I left for Friday were to vacuum and put away laundry... definitely doable, right!?)

And he showed a newly developed fear of the vacuum cleaner (are the cats and him in on this together?!), bawling with a terrorized look in his eyes whenever I turned it on. =OVERTIRED. To combat this, I perched him on my hip and talked him through the process while I finished the job, "See, Elliot, vacuuming is a good thing. You need to vacuum or people won't visit..." Over and over, until my arm gave out; I put him in the high chair and just let him scream while I finished. Whew.

His last nap came at 7:30p (so I thought it wasn't a nap...), which meant he was then up until 10:30p... everything was off.

He's also been nursing so often, and a lot, so this may just be typical growing.

Saturday morning was better, but the afternoon brought more of the groans and whines. I just hope the explanation is teething, or I don't know what else to think of this being. Pat mentioned trying to get out for a jog at one point, but I think the immediate look on my face of "If anyone needs a break, I do," put a quick kibosh on it. He'll get his jog in today.

As much as I am now whining, he had plenty of grins and giggles for Bill and Nancy, so he seemed to really like having them here.

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