Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Pool is a HIT!

We pulled out the $5 baby pool I found at Target, thinking it was hot enough for Elliot to try it out. We weren't sure how he'd react, as we had just returned from the lake where he was really whiney about the grass touching his feet. (He actually tried to sit with holding his feet up out of the grass...Needless to say, I made him stay there and sit and stand in the grass as long as we stayed, and let him whine.)

We gave a ring to Claire and Martin to see if Diane would want to give the pool a whirl. I had swimmy diapers and everything, but we all decided nude was the way to go for this age. We put the pool on the deck and rigged up a bedsheet for some shade.

Both kids were a little grumpy for the day (Elliot had one nap at 9:30am and both have a cough), but they did awesome. I pulled out some bath toys, too. Diane was very relaxed, enjoying the calmness, and Elliot did everything his power to ruin that calmness with splashing and crawling around. He was very excited and aggressive! Soon, Diane tired of being the brunt of his splashing and pool time was over for her.

I think we need to try him on drinking some water, as he kept bending forward to lap up the water, putting his nose and mouth under. We were laughing out loud. Of course, when we offered him some water in a sippy cup, it was rejected. But, indeed, he was super interested in Diane's sippy cup!

We may have to have pool time most weekends. It was a lot of fun!

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