Saturday, May 1, 2010


I missed capturing the sequence before this one, where he was so proud of himself crawling to the kitchen that he was laughing out loud and could hardly stay upright. It's always that way, it seems-- the good stuff that makes you grab the camera means you've already missed the best of it. Regardless, you can see how fast he's gotten.
(And, yes, Pat has shorts on...)

Later this afternoon, Elliot crawled from the dining room (his main play area) down the big hallway to the livingroom. He was so thrilled with his newfound freedom that he could hardly contain himself. He would pause, look back at how far he'd come, and then motor on with a wide open grin and lots of excited laughs. When he got to the bathroom doorway, he peered around the corner and saw the cat there. His reaction seemed to say, "What have I been missing out on this whole time?!"

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