Monday, May 10, 2010

The Weekend and Yoga?

We spent this weekend at my parents' in southern Ohio. My aunt and uncle were visiting from Denver, who used to live in Shaker Heights, Ohio. She was my "mom-away-from-home" during college, as her house was only a 20 minute drive from campus and she always fed me well. They recently retired to Denver.

They had not met Elliot and we usually catch them and my cousins on the ski trip in February, which I did not attend after all. So this trip to the farm was a must! As I always post, we are tired from traveling, but it is always worth it!! Elliot did just fine, but I'm realizing he's in the car so much less now that I'm back at work.

I was very inattentive to photo-taking this weekend, so I did not capture the moments we enjoyed. Thus, last minute before we got out the door, I instructed Pat to get the camera and try to get at least one of Aunt Rochelle holding Elliot. Elliot and Uncle Lee seemed to converse in random noises. Then, when Grandpa fell asleep, snoring loudly, Elliot would respond and then laugh out loud.

We also had fun with cousin RJ (the one 4 months younger) and they are starting to really respond to each other.

There was a little grumpiness and clinginess this weekend that was not the regular guy for Elliot and I was disappointed when he cried in Grandpa and Grandma's arms. But, by Sunday, he snuggled in with both of them. We just need to get down there more! At almost 10 months now, I think he's just more aware of who is not familiar. Hopefully we can get some socializing in to nip this in the bud.

When I came home from work today, Renee told me Elliot was doing this thing where he pushes up on his feet and hands, in a bear-crawl position. I had noticed that developing recently and he's getting less and less wobbly in that position. Right after she told me this, he performed. He proceeded to put his head on the ground, and then push up as if doing an actual push up with his little bottom bent in the air, hold the pose nice and evenly, go up on his toes, and then move on with his exploration. This happened half a dozen times as he migrated around the floor, hardly noticing our outright laughter. It was like he was doing yoga poses. We were cracking up. Then, he pulled up on his own (with my hands there as a precaution!) on his feet, upright, on a little chair, looked at us with a big grin and inhale/laugh, proud as could be. My reaction: WHOA, let's slow down there. We're just getting used to the crawling, please.

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