Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cleveland Marathon Weekend.

Picking a book-- quite a process, eh? Pat came home and thought a tornado had hit.

We headed into Cleveland this weekend so Pat could run the marathon. And yes, it was a marathon weekend. ;)

We got in late, staying with my friend, Stephanie, who was quite the hostess. Elliot decided to be up every 2 hours that night, and then did not nap until 2:30p on Saturday, so he was a basket-case. We headed to the zoo anyway, as the only way to beat the grumpies is to get out and about with this kid!

Pat's sister and her family drove up from 1 1/2 hours south to join us at the zoo, and Pat's aunt and friend came from 1 1/2 hours east to meet us there, too! The crew walked around and it was a great way to visit without having to adhere to strict timing or surroundings. We then hit Little Italy for dinner (had to carb up before the big race!) with another group of family/friends... Elliot continued to melt down as our service was unacceptably slow and poor. The overtired, spent boy needed his bed and his dad needed more rest before the big race!

Pat did well at the marathon on Sunday and we caught him a few times along the rough spots. Elliot got tired of being put in and out of the stroller and car seat. Little did he know that he had 6 more hours of this for the ride home! We spent lunchtime at Pat's brother's house, playing with more cousins.

We had great weather and it's always lovely to catch the family.

All in all, considering the broken sleep, poor naps, and how much we trucked him around, he did ok. This all left a rotten day for Renee, however, on Monday since his routine was turned upside down! Oh, the travel wears on all of us! No more trips until I'm done with work for the summer, thank goodness. Elliot needs his proper mealtimes and playtimes to move around-- not as easy to tote him along everywhere anymore!