Wednesday, September 9, 2009

8 Weeks Old...

Amazing to realize that Elliot is already 8 weeks old.  We were very excited on Wednesday morning after he slept 7 hours straight, and even more excited this morning when he did it again last night!!  

The first day of school for Chicago Public Schools was Tuesday... I won't be returning until next year if all goes well.  I talked to Louise in the Byrne School office, and she wondered if there were no recent photos because I had started the first day of school with homeschooling Elliot!!  We have gotten through a few books, but he really likes to be sung to right now... I need to learn more lullabies and am glad the only audience for my voice is him!  

I didn't make it into school because of my (and others) germs, so I am hoping to go in around the end of the month.  It will be great to see everyone at Byrne.  (I think Elliot had a touch of whatever bug I had-- he was fussy for about 3 days, and spit up some junk... really it's his current pleasant disposition that tells me yes, he indeed was under the weather.  Poor little guy.)

Aunt Emily is in for a visit from Portland, so we met her and Pauline, a friend, for dinner in Chinatown last night.  We had a really nice time catching up and good food.  And, of course, he got lots of attention.

Off to meet Jen and Avery for a quick outing today.

(Funny, this posted with Wednesday as a heading because I started it yesterday...)

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