Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have been weighing Elliot here and there and was SURE that he had surpassed 10 pounds a little bit ago. On my scale at home today, he's almost 12 pounds with clothes on-- surely his clothes don't weigh 2 pounds?

Can I be one of those moms who insists that the doctor's scale is wrong!? :) I almost called the doctor to see if I could bring him in to be reweighed, realized I was obsessing, and decided that he's healthy looking, very active, sleeps well, and eats well. And his clothes are getting progressively smaller. I think he burns a lot of calories in those play sessions! And both Pat and I were small as babies/children, so I'm not surprised. I can see where this is headed already with some of his clothes-- now that his pants are fitting around his waist, they are too short!

He had done relatively well with the vaccinations, up a little at night and just a little off today. We still met up with Avery and Jen for a lovely afternoon in the park. However, tonight he is inconsolable and feels a little warm. He won't nurse and won't sleep, so we tried some Tylenol and he's finally resting. Poor kid.

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