Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Doctor Check Up- Mellow Man

Elliot had his 2 mo. check up yesterday, even though it's about 2 weeks past that point.  He's healthy, doing fine.  Little on the small side, as expected-- 10th percentile for weight (at just over 10#), but he's 50th percentile for height.  Of course, his giant noggin is at the top of the chart.  (Big head on a skinny body!)  A bit slow on the head control, but that's just due to the sheer size of the thing, doc says.  :)  Got his shots, screamed bloody murder, but mom shed no tears, so we're in good shape.  He was a little grumpy last night, but I said he gets a free pass for the day.

She dubbed him "mellow," and that the second time someone has called him that.  Fits perfectly.  Mellow man.  I'm not complaining!

Took him out for a walk in the brisk evening air-- used a polar fleece sleeper that one of our friends got us so he'd be nice and toasty in the carrier since his little legs dangle.  He looks like he's going out to build snowmen, but hey, it worked.  

(A few shots from the weekend with friends, continued.  Yes, the babies were there, but Avery slept through the whole meal.)

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