Thursday, September 24, 2009

10 weeks- wow.

Elliot is ten weeks old this week.  He's focusing much more and trying to turn over.  He gets his head pinned all the way to the side, arches his back, gets half way to a flip, and gets super mad that he's stuck.  He cries and his face gets all red, and I laugh.  I have to let him struggle to get it on his own.  Grandpa Ulrich thinks this is good determination showing.  We'll see... 

We're settling into a routine of daily walks and sometimes he gets a second one to the lake when Dad gets home.  It is a great tool when he just won't settle.
Although he's a good baby, I have attempted to capture one of his temper tantrums-- he gets to crying sometimes, works himself into a sweat, ends up holding his breath until his face turns red, and it seems he forgets then why he was crying in the first place but must finish the task.  This series of photos is about a 5 minute snapshot of his performance.  Eh, what am I in for when the terrible twos come along ?!?!  

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