Monday, October 5, 2009

Last minute trip to Ohio-- Cousin Jenna and Cousin RJ

On Tuesday, I found out that my cousin, Ann, who I grew up with and we were always best friends, was going to be in Ohio near my parents for the weekend (she lives in Georgia).  Her daughter, Jenna, will be 2 years old in December.  I couldn't stay away.  We took off Saturday morning and got back late on Sunday-- quickie trip.  Of course, Grandma and Grandpa Ulrich were over the moon that we were heading in.

It was a very good thing that we found out last minute, as this was one of our few free weekends without visitors.  If I had known ahead, I probably would have passed, thinking we needed to be home and rest.  But, when I found out, I said, "Hey, this weekend is open, let's go!"  I shopped for flights until Pat decided he wanted to go too, so we drove.

Ann's family was (and still is) basically an extension of our immediate family-- we do lots of holidays together, travel together, whatever it might be.  (Ann and I were born 3 weeks apart.)  Ann's younger sister, Jill, whom we're close to as well, had a baby just 3 months before us-- little RJ.  It is so cool to see the parallels between RJ and Elliot-- very similar builds (he was a premie, so he's on the small side too), coloring, personalities.  It's like RJ is a future Elliot for us to see!  
Jenna was quite entertaining-- she's very tall for her age and you can just see her wheels turning.  She went non-stop and has her grandma's (my aunt's) spunk!  Pat and her had a nice wrestling session.

Saturday evening was spent at Jill's and we all simply watched the kids play (and she provided us with some awesome chili for dinner!).  Sunday was spent letting Elliot nap with Grandma and Grandpa, until we had to head home.  On our way home, we stopped by Hazel's-- who is Ann and Jill's grandma on the other side, but who we have adopted as a grandparent as well.  She was very happy to meet Elliot and he smiled and smiled for her.

Elliot traveled well again.  He didn't sleep the whole way like before, but he was fine and didn't cause us any extra stops.  Not yet.

It's Monday morning and we're a little beat-- we always think we're doing ok, feeling pretty well when we get home, and then by the time things get wrapped up and you settle in for a moment, it's past midnight and the alarm rings way too early.  I can muddle through my day, but Pat's the one who has to be alert for work.   It was well worth the wear, as the weekend was very fun.

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