Thursday, January 14, 2010

6 months already.

Elliot will be 6 months old tomorrow. Really amazing. He's working hard on sitting on his own as he'll almost fall over, make a correction to hold it, but still flop eventually. He's pulling forward a lot on my lap.

This morning, Pat went to get him from his crib and he was sleeping on his tummy. First time that has happened, as of course, we had put him down on his back.

His bedtime has inched earlier, so a typical night is 9p to 8a. About once a week he'll need a feeding in the middle, if he was too distracted by playing with daddy to get a good meal in before conking. Not bad. That's too long for me to go with the nursing, though, so I'm still up at night regardless.

I seem to be getting less done during the day-- he wants to play and is into more toys, and with the babyfood, I find I have little downtime. (I look back on how well I kept up the house and such when he was 2 months, 3 months, and I did pretty well back then... he slept much more then, not anymore...) His naps are more unpredictable and he's starting to wake with things like sirens and not always go back down. His little zzzz's after nursing, which used to be a given nap, are very short lived and he quickly gets his second wind. There's just too much to take in in this big world!

The best is when Pat gets home. Elliot's little face lights up and they go into a session of cackling laughter just by looking at each other. It's a riot. As it continues into the evening, I have to play the mean mom and get everyone to settle down before going to bed. We've had a few rough nights this week of screaming when it's past bedtime, and I think it's directly due to the hyperness encouraged by the other half so late in the evening. What can I say-- it's awesome how they play.

Yesterday was refreshing, as it was so sunny, we finally made it out for a walk to the lake. Oh, how I had missed the lake. (And boy, did my legs tell me I had missed it!) I can't even remember the last time we got out there. Elliot was alert, looking around for the first half, then slept for the walk home. Looks like we may be able to get out there again today?

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