Saturday, January 2, 2010

Zoo Lights.

Pat ended up having to go to Indianapolis for work on Wednesday, so when Dave and Jen called and said they were doing the Zoo Lights at Lincoln Park Zoo, I bundled Elliot up and we headed up north.  They were very cool, but it was a bit chilly to be out very long with the little ones.  Elliot was a little fussy, too, so after about 45 minutes, we called it an evening.  Pat wants to see them too, so we may head back up tomorrow, if the temperature would just go above freezing!
Taking a break in the Lion House to warm up and give Avery a quick bottle, then back out to the cold!

I keep forgetting to mention that Elliot flipped over from his back to his stomach on Christmas morning.  I was in the shower, and Pat had put him on the dining room floor to play while he got some breakfast.  When he came back through the dining room, Elliot was hanging out on his tummy.  And to prove to us that the cats did not assist him, he did it again for us while we watched (very considerate since we missed the first showing).  

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