Monday, January 11, 2010

Last Christmas Gathering.

We always get together with our former neighbors from our time up north, and we always seem to do it pretty late. However, this usually works out best, as everyone has recovered from the "real" holidays and are excited to visit more!

Candace hosted and we all brought food. Joe was recovering from surgery in December, but he seemed his good ol' chipper self. We had such a fun time and stayed a good hour past when Elliot should have been in bed! He got a little nap in up there and ended the night flirting away with his smile and laughs.

Joe decked Elliot out in new clothes (do you see the scarlet and grey?) and Candace gave him a new friend in "Polly the Penguin" who bobbles around (and of course, has music); all were a big hit. I think Polly is going to be quite popular.

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