Friday, January 8, 2010

Not much new...

There's not much new, but I saw I hadn't posted in a while, and I'm looking for a further distraction from the housecleaning I should be doing while Elliot is napping...

We've been pretty house-bound because of the snow. When the temperature is in the teens or single digits with the whole "feels like" factor on the weather page, I don't go out unnecessarily. I figure, if my cheeks get painfully numb, his are too. I've been successful in bundling him and then covering him in the stroller with our plastic rain cover (to create a bubble of warmish air for him to breath, and it blocks the wind nicely), but he's not too keen on being under there. When we have gone out, he's been a trooper. It's just a further pain to unbundle him when we arrive at our destination, or leave him cooking while I run through a store or something.

Man, I seem whiney today!

Elliot's getting stronger and starting to show signs of sitting up on his own soon. He'll correct himself slightly, save the position for a minute or two, and then fall over.

I think he is looking so much more like a little boy versus a baby, and I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing for months to come!

His naps are getting less consistent as he seems to want to investigate more things and play longer. We're doing better at reading when he needs to go down at night, and it's backed up to 8 or 9pm usually. Pat complains that when he gets home from work and we eat dinner, then Elliot's already going to bed and he doesn't get to play with him enough. C'est la vie.

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