Saturday, January 2, 2010

College Football and A Picky Eater?

Yesterday was spent watching college football, non-stop.  Just to be in the spirit, even though the good ol' Flashes were never football giants, Elliot donned his Kent State attire.  Well, it lasted through the first game, before it was too messy to keep on.

And a few more shots from Zoo Lights that I meant to include-- we called this one the Dr. Seuss tree.

Recently, we got a highchair for Elliot, as I was previously feeding him in the bouncy seat on top of the table.  He's a little small, still, so we're deciding if it works yet for him; he tends to slouch a little.  (Avery has been using hers, so we figured he should be able to handle it...)  
I started eliminating the cereal in the food, and started giving him a veggie and a fruit each feeding the other day.  He did great with sweet potatoes and prunes together, but we had a miserably fussy and gassy day, so I don't know if that was a result of the food mixture or something I ate.  ??  He's definitely getting better at opening his mouth and eating consecutive bites with some efficiency (when it goes well).  So I thought I'd try him on carrots again, to really make sure he hates them... Yep.  Still does.  
And now that there's no cereal mixed in, he's rejecting green beans, too-- I am trying to get him to eat a few bites still, but he winces and gags, and then starts refusing to open his mouth.  Not productive.  Since I don't want him to relate the negative eating experiences to his new chair, I think I'll be safe and go back to some good favorites, like bananas or something.  I may have a finicky eater on my hands... I hope not.

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