Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Byrne Family.

Today, we visited my school to touch base with the teacher in my room and to see everyone. Elliot gave a lovely pouty lower lip and huge tears, out of character, upon the first person holding him, but he warmed up soon. We loved seeing everyone and Elliot even gave some answers out loud in class. (Thanks for your patience, Diane Lacki!) School was in session, and the groups of kids seemed a little overwhelming to Elliot, but he did fine. He got plenty of attention!!

I always forget to expect how worn out we get, though-- I didn't even get to catch everyone I wanted to before I found myself weary and shaky after realizing too late I needed food and drink (and most of you can relate to getting out the door, then realizing you should have eaten more breakfast...). Jen Long was nice enough to insist that I eat her yogurt. By then, Elliot had been fed but needed a nap pretty bad... I felt we rushed off without proper goodbyes and missed the end of the day when most people could have really visited with me. I need to plan better for trips like this. I should know better with the energy it takes to keep him fed.

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