Sunday, March 7, 2010

We have a tooth!

Elliot's first little tooth is starting to appear on bottom. Not easily visible yet, but we can definitely feel it.

Update on the bottle front... two nights after the big initial showdown, Pat was getting to his post, etc, to keep up our efforts. After 20 minutes of hearing NO protests, I assumed they had not started, but alas, he took 3 oz fairly easily and was done. We thought we were in fine shape and we were all proud that we had "broke" him... until the next try when the monster decided to rear his little attitude again.

Yet, even for the protests the next time, it was 45 minutes to get a full bottle down instead of the HOUR and 45 minutes, so we have major improvement! As a teacher, this kid would have gotten major kudos for such a marked improvement. The big problem was that I was out for a haircut, and the first few attempts were no-gos... so his stubbornness allowed him to go 6 HOURS without eating simply because it wasn't the format he wanted (he decided to nap instead, etc).

There is going to have to be extreme diligence on our end to make this work. More than one other parent told me that their child would just eat very little with the caregiver and save up to eat like crazy when mom was home to nurse. I really hope he doesn't go this route since he's already a bit on the tiny side...

We can do this.

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