Saturday, March 20, 2010

Elliot Kisses!

Pat's brother's kids at the funeral. We failed to get any shots of his sister's kids... Can you see where the coloring comes from?! He could be #4 in that family!

I can hardly get a shot now without that darn thumb in his mouth.
Major play session with dad while I got to nap-- I was so grateful!

Elliot has started to open his mouth wide, grab my head, softly maul my jawline or cheek, and sometimes there's even a "mmma" sound with it. We figure this is his version of kissing. And sometimes he ends up with a little suction. It's quite funny, and he gets in spurts where he'll do it over and over. Dad doesn't get as many kisses as me, and I figure that's the whisker factor. And the smooches seem to be at his whim, you can't ask for them.

He also will slap a five on your hand, which is fun.

That's the good stuff and today was definitely a good day that was needed. This week has been rough. Last night was the first night in almost 2 weeks that Elliot slept through the night... it started before our trip to Ohio and then, of course, the trip jostled things up, and Elliot was a grumpy gus for a few days, not napping well either. I was complaining and venting, just saying to my mom yesterday that when this has happened before, just as it seems to put me at my breaking point, Elliot straightens up. And voila, we all ended up in bed this morning together, sleeping until 10am, he napped decent today, and was in really good form. And I got a nap in, too! I was getting worried with work coming up if this continued. We'll see how next week goes.

It's just been a tiring week already, with the funeral, some other family issues on my side, trying to squeeze in things we had planned, and so I was not very patient with Elliot's timing. Obviously, this too shall pass, eh? Onward and upward!

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