Monday, March 29, 2010

Cousin RJ comes to Chicago!

Well, cousin RJ came to Chicago with his mom and dad, Jill (my 1st cousin) and Jarrod. RJ is just 4 months older than Elliot, which is becoming less and less of a spread as they grow. They were here to stay with some friends, so we all met at the aquarium and it was great to catch up. RJ has been walking for a few weeks, and he's hard to keep up with! I am just fine with Elliot taking his time to crawl, walk, whatever the motor method might be.

On Saturday, I went to the store and when I came back, Pat had given Elliot an animal cracker. Elliot chomped it (and soggied it) pretty well, so he gave him another. So his two little teeth seem to work! I pulled out some puffs that I had bought and it's quite funny to watch the eye-hand coordination developing. I see glimpses of Uncle Brad/Grandpa Ulrich (sorry guys, but you know it's true) when he gets frustrated and pounds his hands on the tray because he either did not make it into his mouth or the little puff stuck to his hand and won't come off easily. Well, maybe mom has some of those qualities, too...

The distraction of having something to work on in the high chair has helped the amount of babyfood I can sneak into his pesky little mouth. The tickling method was not nearly as successful once he figured out what I was doing and he started working really hard to laugh with his mouth shut.

He's also working on clapping, but rarely do the two little hands meet.


  1. omg.... he is sooo cute in the wrap, that little smile is just adorable. And Tom took FOREVER to learn to clap. =)